One Word

Today’s word was: bars

Bars on the windows, bars on the doors. what a world we live in. Wouldn't it be nice to go back to the time where we could go up to the store without having to lock our front door? Only I'd like to still have the internet. Yeah, couldn't live without the internet.

Write Every Day

Today’s topic: Lions and tigers and butterflies?

Oh my! The lions and tigers I could understand, pretty much from the beginning of time they'd topped the predator list, but butterflies? Where had these giant, man-eating butterflies come from?

It was like they were hunting in teams, the great cats and the insects. The butterflies would scope out the prey and herd it towards the cats. The bloodbath was horrific.

I remember watching the Mothra movies when I was a kid. Mothra was a teddy bear compared to these butterflies. There was no mercy in them. Seek and destroy, that's all they appeared to know how to do.

Where did they come from? It's like one day they were suddenly here - no transformation from giant catepillars, just enormous butterflies that killed and ate and grew larger. And then the lions and tigers joined them, the size of prehistoric cats mind you, not the puny little ones we're used to.

It's like the whole world's gone mad.

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