Today's word is reveal

I stare at this word and my mind goes blank. I know what the word reveal means, but when it comes to reveal as a writing prompt, nothing comes to mind. I have to wonder, is the problem with me, or the prompt?

Write Every Day

Today's Topic: Matt had one chance left; One more opportunity to prove that this was what he wanted to do with his life. This is what he was meant to do.

He studied the lump of clay on the pedestal before him. Circled it, opened himself up to it. Finally, he dipped his hands in the bowl of water and then touched the damp clay, the wet from his hands making the surface of the clay slick.

He ran his hands over the clay, getting a feel for it. Soon he was applying pressure, gently moulding the slippery surface. His movements became more deft, more sure. More pressure was applied.

A form slowly started taking shape beneath his hands, crude at first, then becoming more recognizable. His hands were coated in the red clay, some of it wet, some of it already drying on his skin. Matt was oblivious.

With single minded intensity he worked, quickly, surely, ignoring the audience around him. There was a selection of tools beside him, laid out like a surgeon's instruments, he reached for one and began adding detail

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