A Slip In Time

I've said it on my other blogs, but I think it bears repeating here:

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.

Last week was pretty much a fog for me. I don't know where my head was. This week isn't starting out much better but at least I'm making a bit of an effort to stay on track. :-)

One Word
Word of the day is Constant

The fist thing that springs to mind with the word constant is the Constant Comment tea from Celestial Seasonings. I'm not a big fan of their tea because they're so fruity that they don't really seem like tea.

Write Everyday
Topic: If you had the chance, which moment in your life would you go back and revisit and why?

I think a better question would be, if I had the chance, would I go back in time. And the answer to that would be no.

If i went back to some key moment in time, it would be with the thought to change it. And I wouldn't want to change anything in the past, no matter how bad it was, because who knows what it might change in my future from that point on?

It's easy to say, if only I could go back in time and change this or that. But what if you went back in time and picked English for your major in college instead of Fine Arts. Maybe it would have sucked the love of writing right out of you and you'd be a teacher right now instead of a writer.

Or you might opt for taking that back packing trip through Europe when you were finished highschool instead of working that summer. Maybe you'd have had an affair while over in Europe that broke your heart and when you got home you passed by the person you were meant to end up with and were too heart sick to notice. Meanwhile, you spent the summer in Europe so you have nothing put away for school so you end up working at McDonalds

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