Today's word is balm

Music is a balm to the soul, in much the same way a cup of tea can be a balm to the body. How wonderful it is to relax with the perfect cup of tea, sitting on the deck in the fresh air, strains of Chopin or Mozart in the background

Write Every Day

Today's topic: I got out of work late the night it happened. It was a cold night; rainy and full of hate. The sky was so dark it was like the moon was in a continuous eclipse with the sun. And he was there. He showed up on time and carrying flowers.

They were tulips, my favorite. Where had he found tulips at this time of year? Without saying a word I took the flower from him. I didn't need to say anything, we had no need for words.

I hadn't really believed him when he said he'd be here. He was always making promises he couldn't keep, always making gestures to smooth things over, until next time. We couldn't go on like this and we both knew it. This was no way to live.

Still silent, we began walking. The cold air kept my mind clear. He gave me this time, knowing I needed to sort my thoughts. Uncharacteristically, he was silent . . . it must be killing him.

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