Goals Update

I'm sure somewhere, in a previous post, I mentioned something vague about doing a monthly update for the goals I posted for the Year of 2010. This is the problem with long term goals, I post them in January and then I have the whole year to work on them. And since I have mastered the art of procrastination, and a year is a very long time to a procrastinator, I tend not to feel any urgency towards working on those goals.

However, that being said, I do have an update.

Just as a reminder, my big goals were: 1. design a book database, 2. organize my poetry, 3. lose 30 pounds by August, 4. read 52 books, and 5. find a job. And, to keep myself honest, my little goals were: figure out Twitter, figure out my iPod, and journal on a regular basis.

So, how am I doing so far?

1. Design a book database. Have not designed the book database, but I did begin an Excel spread sheet to catalogue the husband's vinyl record collection. One shelf done (450 entries), two more to go. I want to do the book records in Access so I don't forget how to use it. That's the problem with a lot of these programs. If you don't use it on a regular basis then you forget how.

2. Organize my poetry. I have rather a lot of it and it was the only way I could keep track of it all. I typed out about 20 or so poems that I didn't have on the computer, and then printed out the whole works to neatly store in a binder. New poems get printed out as I finish them and added to the collection. Now I have both a hard copy and a computer copy of all my poems and I can pencil notes on the hard copies (things like where I've sent them and whether or not I've read them to the CPW).

3. Lose 30 pounds. Not doing so great in this department. I've only lost a couple of pounds so far, not that I've been working real hard on it. It might help if I'd get off my lazy butt and get some exercise, but . . . Sorry, dozed off for a minute there. :-) Actually, I have several workout VHS/DVDs that I've been considering, I just have to settle on one and start doing it without thinking about it so much. Or maybe I can just pick a different one to do each day for the variety. Hmm. That actually might work . . .

4. Read 52 books. Okay, so when I set that goal I seriously underestimated my reading addiction. The side bar shows I've read 11, but it's more like 14 so far, I just haven't got around to changing it. There's only so many hours in a day for self-indulgence so I've substituted reading for computer games. So far I have to admit I'm not missing the games so much.

5. Find a job. Working on it. Seriously working on it. I've decided that although working takes a big chunk out of the day, I'm happier working than not working. For me, having too much free time is a bad thing.

As for the little goals: still clueless about Twitter; have official charged up my iPod using the connecting cable to my lap top; and have made a couple of entries in my journal, but not on what you might call a regular basis.

Considering this is only the second month of the year, I'd say I haven't done too badly.


Jamie D. said...

Hey - look at you go! Looks like you're making pretty good progress to me. I was wondering about that whole 52 books thing...I read double that last year, and I have a feeling you read just as fast as I do. ;-)

Nice on the vinyl catalogs too - we have quite a few records, but not enough to need recording (I don't think).

I'm going to have lots of twitter info on the soc. media posts, so maybe that will help you with that goal.

Onward! Good luck for the next month... :-)

Dolly said...

Nope you are not doing bad at all for a month. Great job.

My exercise goal isn't going too well either :P LOL Seriously, I swear that one goal is harder than all the rest put together.

Since I have been reading more non-fiction this year so far, progress has been slower than usual. But still, enjoying it. I still plan to meet my 75 book goal though.

Good luck with your goals

C R Ward said...

Thanks ladies!

Tara McClendon said...

You're on your way. I think it's a great start.