The Year In Review

We’ll start with my list from last year and how I did. Wow, did I get a surprise when I started going over last year’s goals. For the most part, 2010 was a failure on many, many levels!

Design a book database

I do have the data base designed, but we’re looking at an epic fail when it came to actually inputting books into it. Have you seen how many books I have? It’s an intimidating amount. That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it. :-)

Organize my poetry

I actually did get my poetry organized, more or less. I need to organize it again, but it’s just a matter of updating the organization I already have. Did that make any sense?

I did not submit any poetry, but I have started to work on a poetry Chap book.

Lose 30 pounds by August

This was also a fail. I did lose about 40 pounds over the course of the year, but it was the same 5 to 10 pounds over and over again. Right now I’m down by about 5.

Actually finish one of my novels

*sigh* Another epic fail here. I’m not exactly sure what happened, but somewhere along the line I abandoned the novel I was working on because it needed too much work. I am very close to having a different novel finished, but I have four full drafts sitting on my hard drive now.

Read 52 Books

At last, an epic win! I beat my goal by 30. Yes, that’s right, I read 82 books last year. No wonder I didn’t get DIF finished. ;-)

Find a job

Win, lose, win. Found a job, lost the job, have now started my own business.

Little Goals

Figure out Twitter
Jeez, another epic fail here. I was on Twitter . . . once or twice. Long enough to change my screen name to C.R. Ward.

Figure out my iPod
It will probably come as no surprise to you to learn this was another fail. Honestly? I just never got around to it.

Journal on a regular basis
I guess it doesn’t count if my journaling only picked up during the last month. I have confidence I’ll be able to continue the good work though.

And thus ends my year 2010 in review. Tomorrow I’ll post my goals for the coming year.

1 comment:

Jamie D. said...

Hence the need to review, right? So we can plan going forward. :-) And 82 books - nice!

You had a lot going on with the job stuff this year, and that will take all the energy right out of a person. I seem to recall a lot of computer issues as well. Now the job thing is sorted, the computer thing is fixed, and you're all set to focus and move forward, right? :-)

I so can't wait to read your finished (or unfinished, for that matter) work... ;-)