The Things In My Head

It's been a while since I've posted anything here and I thought I'd share a flash piece that kind of stuck in my head until I wrote it down. This is the place for random writings, and you can't get much more random than this! I have no idea what I'm going to do with it . . .

Head Games

So, what’s going on here?
I don’t know, they brought her in before I started my shift.

Are you guys talking about me?

Looks like a head trauma.

That’s putting it mildly. I slipped on the ice my boss is too cheap to have removed from his parking lot and bashed my head. As soon as I’m out of here I’m going to sue the ass off that bastard.

So what happened?

Okay, so maybe part of it was my fault. I wasn’t wearing boots, just shoes. But boots are such a pain in the ass to be taking off and putting on, and then you have to carry your shoes as well as your brief case. It’s just easier to wear shoes in the first place.

Looks like she slipped on the ice and hit her head on a cement barrier.

Are you guys not listening to me? I just told you I slipped on the ice.

Doesn’t say how long she was lying there before they found her.

It felt hours; it was so cold, the heat was leaching right out of me, and I could feel the blood pooling around my head. It was awful!

Has she regained consciousness at all?

Hey! I’m conscious right now! Can’t you hear me?

Should we prep her for surgery?

Surgery? Wait a minute! All I need is something for the pain.

Better wait and see what Constanza says.

Who’s Constanza? Look, if you guys can’t hear me, then give me a pad of paper and a pen, I’ll write it all down for you.

What’s with her hand?
I don’t know, an involuntary muscle spasm maybe?

It’s called writing, you jerks! What’s the matter, you can’t read my hand writing?

She’s seizing!

I’m not seizing anything, I’m getting out of here. You guys are assholes and I’m suing you too!

Call it. 11:58 p.m.

Oh forget it. The pain’s gone now. I’m going to get some rest now. Why don’t you guys go on a coffee break or something.


Nofretiri said...

Serious question first: Did you really slip and hit your head? Or was ist 'just' headaches???

Anyway, interesting voices you have there in your head ... and I thought, mine would be strange! ;-)

C R Ward said...

LOL Neither - this was just something I woke up with in my head one morning.