Tweriffic Tweets

Well, so much for doing this once a week. :-)

The problem is, I click on the links and read them and think "wow, that was really cool!" and then I forget to save the link. Maybe I should get in the habit of copying the link before I read it.

Anyway, you can consider the following list the best of the best I've read over the last couple of weeks:

If you're in Australia, Sleepers Publishing is looking for submissions.

My Blood Approves has an excellent post on self publishing

A blogful of writing advice is available from Leonard Bogarad

The Daring Novelist - Dialog Tags - "Fear Them Not," Said She.

Check out Creative Pursuits A great place to find that creative edge you've been looking for.

Laura McHale Holland has some excellent Tips For A New Writer

Are Voice and Style, The Same Thing? Find out HERE,

Need a laugh? Try Living the Wild Life. So funny!

Okay, so this one would have been more appropriate on the 17th, but The True Origins of the Leprechaun is still pretty darn interesting!

And finally, if you click on no other link, you have to click on this one from Terribleminds


K.C. Woolf said...

Great links, thanks! :-)

C R Ward said...

Twitter's a dangerous place for me - I get distracted easily and there's so many great links to follow! :-)

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

I think I've finally figured out Twitter!
Looking forward to you A to Z posts.

C R Ward said...

LOL I still find Twitter a little intimidating.


Wonderful start to the challenge.

Thanks for the kind comment on my blog.