Catching Up – Part Two

Unlike last Sunday where I was able to use our day of rest to catch up, this Sunday I seem to be further behind than ever. I started out last week on a high note and then I caught the Death Flu mid-week. It was all I could do to get my posts written and up, let alone anything else.

But this is a new week, and we’ve reached the half-way point of the challenge. Go us!

I’d like give a shout out to a few special people who’ve given me blog awards.

First of all, I’d like to point out the Powerful Woman Writer Award I received from Deirdra Eden Coppel. It's just over there in the right-hand side bar. Check out her site at A Storybook World.

Next, the poetic Tara Tyler has presented me with the Versatile Blogger Award . If you haven’t checked out her blog yet, go Here. She’s doing both the A to Z Challenge and the PAD challenge and she can give me a run for the money in the poetry forms department. Technically, the award was for my other blog, but I’m accepting it over here ‘cause this blog doesn’t have many awards yet. :-)

She’s also led me to an award from Promising Poets. I had the choice of three and picked the Inspiration award.

And finally Budd, over at Scifi Media awarded me a “no prize” for being a big Buffy and Angel geek and being the first person to correctly answer all his questions on his Friday quiz. If you’re at all into science fiction, you’ll want to check out his blog.

Thank you, my friends, and I hope to have the awards up on my site at some point this week.

Expect my posts to be a little late over the next couple of days, the flu still has me firmly in its grip and I’m just not up to spending much time at the computer. But I’d like to wish everyone else good luck with their challenge for the coming week!

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Nofretiri said...

Good morning, sunshine! :-)
Hope you feeling better now?!?!
CONGRATULATIONS to your awards! I say, all well deserved! Hip Hip Hurray! *gg* Keep writing & blogging!