One Word

Today’s word was: Destination

Life's a journey, not a destination. If this is true, what is the ultimate destination? Are there pit stops along the way or do we go straight to where ever we're going. Do not stop, do not pass go.

Write Every Day

Topic: Janice went for her daily run. Everything was the same as usual, except for one thing: That large pitbull staring at her from the Johnson’s front yard…

Whoa, that was new! She'd run by that house a million times and never seen anything more interesting than the morning paper on the front steps.

It was creepy. The thing just stared at her, not moving, not making and sound. Brown eyes intent on her every move.

Her feet slapped the sidewalk rhythmically as she moved closer and closer. She slowed without being conscious of it. Would it start barking? She was braced for anything. God help her the gate was open. Was it going to start chasing her as she passed by?

Almost there. Her breathing faltered and the sweat slipped down her temples. She stumbled, and caught her stride again, eyes never leaving the dog in the yard. It never blinked. Why didn't it blink?

Her stride slowed as she closed in. Was it too late to cross the road? Would it make any difference?

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