One word

Today’s word was: Chrome

Chrome plating always makes me think of the cylons on the original Battlestar Galactica. I remember seeing that movie in the theatre when I was a teenager. I was on a "sort of" date set up by my Aunt with the son of one of her friends

Write Every Day

Topic: Life is good for Ezra O’Connor. He just got married and he and his wife are on their fabulous honeymoon in Puerto Rico.

What he doesn't know is what awaits him in the deceptively calm ocean depths. You can't spend all your time in the bedroom, even if you are on your honeymoon. And Ezra's wife, Janet, is one of those high maintenance blonds who's never met a beach she didn't have to bake on. I mean really, don't these chicks realize what kind of damage the sun can do to their skin?

So, anyway, here the happy couple are, on their honeymoon in sunny Puerto Rico, whiling away their time on the beach. Well, Janet was whiling away her time. Ezra, truth be told, was a little disappointed in the way things were turning out. This did not seem to bode well for the marriage. But he wasn't going to have to worry about that for much longer.

The sun was hot and the sand retained the heat like one of those ceramic top stoves. The blue-green water of the Gulf of Mexico beckoned.

"Honey," whined Ezra. "Why don't you come swimming with me?"

Janet sighed deeply. The honeymoon wasn't exactly going the way she'd wanted it to either. "You go on without me, I'll catch up."

Ezra levered himself off the beach towel and headed for the water. It was wonderfully warm, just like bath water. He’d always fancied himself a good swimmer and he began to slice through the waves ignoring the frantic waves of the life guard


Jamie D. said...

Okay, here's my One Word bit for this morning:

Bright, shiny silver metal, flashing off bumpers, motorcycle wheels and gaudy jewelry. Strong, dented, yet still shiny.

Love your "Write Every Day" piece...very eerie!

C R Ward said...

Thanks for playing, Jamie! Your One Word is almost a poem . . .

Unknown said...

Where the hell is the rest of the story?