Today's word: Check

The check is in the mail. That's what the standard reply is to bill collectors. At least in my universe it is. Of course, who uses cheques anymore. Notice the spelling? I'm Canadian, and proud of it.

Write Every Day

Today's topic: “In this life,” he says, “there are only two guarantees: Death and taxes.”

"Aren't they pretty much the same thing?" she asked. "Sometimes I feel like we're being taxed to death."

"I have to agree with you there," he said. "I just got the quarterly tax bill in the mail today."

"That bad, is it?"

"Worse. If we can manage to scrounge up the money for these taxes then it'll be a long time before either of us can afford to die. Funerals are pretty expensive too these days."

"And then by the time we get this bill paid, it'll be time for the next one," she said with a sigh. "There's just no justice."

"Not in our lifetime, anyway," he agreed.

"How can they justify these increases? It's not like we're getting anything in return."

"If I knew that then I'd be working for the government and we wouldn't be in this fix."

"I think it's a conspiracy," she confided.

"You've been watching too much X-files," he replied.

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