Today's word: mercury

Mercury is one of the more interesting of the gods. Usually depicted as a youth with a winged helmut and wings on his shoes, he was considered the messenger of the gods.

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Today's topic: Megan has split personalities. Sometimes she's X and sometimes she's Y.

Today's she's X. X is quiet and reserved. She works in a library and wears her hair pulled back in the traditional librarian's bun. Horned rim glasses cover her makeup free eyes and she gravitates towards tweed skirts and sweater sets.

No one she works with would ever suspect that she's also Y. Y likes to party. She wears as little as possible, except when it comes to her makeup. You can often find Y in the nightclubs or in the hotel bars looking for a good time or an interesting party to go to. Life is one big party for Y, she leaves the mundane world for X to live in.

Lately, there's been a man who's been coming into the library who’s been having a disturbing effect on X. It's not that he's pestering her or making suggestive comments, he just keeps watching her, as if waiting for something. One day, in a burst of bravery, X confronted him and asked if there was anything she could help him with.

He's positive they’d met somewhere before, but she told him it wasn’t likely – she’d definitely remember meeting someone as good looking as him, too good looking for a mouse like her.

The sad part is, he's starting to appear in her dreams at night. Though her life may be boring, her dreams are far from it. She dreams of dancing the night away in hisarms, then making passionate love

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