Today's word was shower

April showers bring May flowers . . . although have you noticed that it's more like May's showers these days? Global warming is sure screwing around with the growing season.

Write Every Day

Today's topic: Today I have to write for at least 10 minutes, but I’m having a difficult time…

Ten minutes is twice as long as my ususal five and it seems to make all the difference in the world.

What do I write about? Random things? My fingers keep stopping of their own volition - it's like I have no control over them. My mind keeps going blank. I wonder if this means I have no control over my mind either?

Do you ever think you're going crazy? I've heard it said that if you're sane enough to wonder if you're going crazy, then you probably aren't. But what if you don't ask yourself that question. Does that mean there's thousands of crazy people walking around that don't even know it?

And how would we figure out that these people are crazy? We could have mandatory testing maybe, pull people off the street for random testing. Watch out, here comes the white van. Run, my crazy little friend, run!

Okay, now you're really going to think I'm crazy. I've been rambling on for two hundred words now all about the subject of being crazy - or not. Maybe it's just the way I'm feeling today.

Insanity is all in the mind.

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