Today's word is: Paperback

Paperback writer, by the Beatles. That was the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this prompt. It seems the world is divided into those who are Beatles fans, and those who are Rolling Stones fans. Why can't someone be both?

Write Everyday

Today's topic: When I need inspiration, I look to X, because…

When I need inspiration I just have to look out the window of my office on a summer's day. The sunlight is filtered through the birch tree outside my window; sometimes you can hear the gentle rustling of a light breeze and feel the wind caress your face if the window is open.

On days when the wind is a little stronger, you can hear wind chimes over the sound of the leaves. I have two sets of wind chimes that can be stirred by the wind coming in the window - one small set that sound like fairy bells and a larger one by the door with a more resonnant song.

Right now there's just enough of a breeze to create a symphony of dancing leaves and faintly tinkling chimes. The dappled sunlight highlights the white skin of the tree, and a dragonfly is flitting in the shrubs that have grown high enough to just peek over the edge of the window ledge.

This view never fails to inspire me to dream because looking out this window is like looking out a window to a world where anything is possible, and in my writing, anything is possible.

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