As you may have noticed, I'm seriously behind again. *sigh*

That seems to be my theme with this year's NaNo. Sprint ahead, fall back, sprint, fall. The good news is, I believe this story is better than last year's, so even if I'm a few words short in the end it's still worth it.

I don't mean the story itself is better, I enjoyed last year's story immensely, but the writing is better. Despite the fact that NaNo is all about getting it down in a hurry, I find I'm putting more thought into my words. Dare I believe I'm maturing as a writer?

One thing that I find amazing about this year is my method for catching up. You know how everyone says just write and don't look back? Well I admit that it only works so long for me. Last year if I started getting bogged down in a scene I'd skip ahead. I actually wrote the ending before I wrote the middle.

This year I tried to stay more linear and for the most part it's worked. However, when I've fallen behind in my words I've been going back to the beginning and then adding details and/or scenes where the story needs to be fleshed out more. In other words, I've been editing as I go along. It's only a paragraph here or a page there, but it all adds up.

It just goes to show that there is no one right way to win NaNo. Just like there's no one way to write.

So how's your NaNo going?

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