30 Days of Writing Questions – Day 11

11. Who is your favorite character to write? Least favorite?

I pretty much like all my characters, even the bad guys. I guess as far as my favourite character goes, I think I’d probably have to go with Jessica, the MC for a fantasy novel I started. She’s had some bad breaks, but she doesn’t let them get her down. She also has all kinds of magical power that she doesn’t quite know what to do with and she’s a little accident prone.

Next would be Sara, the MC from the second Myste book. She’s very together and knows how to roll with the punches. She’s also one of the first female characters I’ve ever created who has short hair. I’ve had this thing about long hair ever since I was a kid – every summer my mother would take me to the hair dresser to have my hair lopped off. I hated short hair!

My least favourite character to write was probably Hannah, from the first Myste book. She was a real pain in the butt. She was wishy washy in the beginning, pretty dull and lifeless. It wasn’t until I rewrote the beginning (for the umpteenth time) in first person that she came to life. The nature of the story prevented the whole thing from being done in first person, but the experiment was enough to get her back on track.

As I said, though, I pretty much like all my characters. If I didn't, how could I write about them?

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Anonymous said...

I haven't met a character I didn't like, even those I love to hate (and therefore like them because of that).

If I don't like a character they don't survive.