30 Days of Writing Questions – Day 8

8. What’s your favorite genre to write? To read?

My favourite genre to write in is romance; contemporary romance, paranormal romance, space romance. There’s usually lots of action and adventure, and yes, my characters have sex. Sometimes lots of sex. ;-)

Way back in the dark ages, when I first started writing, I thought I was going to be a science fiction writer – maybe dipping into fantasy once in awhile. But from the beginning my stories always had that hint of romance. Once I got over my fear of having my characters touch each other (I wouldn’t even let them kiss, let alone anything else) things went much smoother.

As you might guess, my favourite genre to read is also romance – vampire romance, werewolf, paranormal, space, fantasy, contemporary, cowboy, adventure . . . I think you get the idea. Probably 70% of my bookshelves are taken up by romance novels. The other 30% are science fiction and fantasy, reference books, mysteries, and the odd contemporary or classic.

My "to be read" books. Yes, the entire bookcase, plus the bags and boxes in front of it. This is also one of the reasons I don't get more writing done. ;-)

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