30 Days of Writing Questions – Day 14

14. How do you map out locations, if needed? Do you have any to show us?

The only time I ever mapped out a location was in my trunked fantasy novel. My main character has to take a long journey and maps really helped me figure out where she was going. Yes, I said maps, as in plural. I have pages of maps for this story.

I started out with a single map, just to get the lay of the land, so to speak. Once I realized my MC was going to have to go on a quest, I expanded the map to include her journey. Of course she met a lot of interesting characters along the way, and they all came from different places, so naturally I had to expand my maps to include the places they came from.

Before you know it, I was using a giant (24 x 36 inch) sketch pad for my maps – I filled up three pages. The size of the sketchpad made it a little unwieldy, so then I started tracing sections of the map onto 8 ½ x11 inch paper – many pieces of 8 ½ x 11 inch paper.

It’s safe to say that when I finally take this novel out of the trunk and finish it, I’ll be able to publish an accompanying atlas as well.

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