30 Days of Writing Questions – Day 13

13. What’s your favorite culture to write, fictional or not?

This is a hard one! When you write a lot of science fiction and fantasy you tend to write about a lot of different cultures. It’s almost impossible to choose just one.
I guess my favourite cultures to write about are ones steeped in tradition. I was an avid reader of the golden age of science fiction – authors like Edgar Rice Burroughs, H. Rider Haggard, and Robert E. Howard. I loved their hidden civilizations and their adventuresome explorers and they’ve had a big influence on my own writing.

I love creating somewhat primitive societies – I say somewhat because although their customs and traditions are very different from ours, it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re inferior or defenseless. I especially love creating societies that seem primitive, but aren’t really. They’re technologically aware; they just eschew its use.

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Dolly said...

Love the picture you chose for this post.

It's a great question, and I can see the appeal of primitive society. Especially in fantasy, for some reason, primitive setting seems to have much more adventerous feel and impact. I mean if we pick an urban setting, 20th century, your hero could have a gun. But go back in time, and you will give him a sword. And let's face, a guy with a sword is way cooler than the guy with a gun ;)