Last Monday night was my meeting of the Northumberland Scribes. The topic we were supposed to have written about was Infidelity. As usual, we were to limit ourselves to 150 words - not as easy as you might think!

The staccato popping sounds behind the glass door began to slowly taper off.

“Three, two, one – done!” Jessie yanked open the door to the microwave and grabbed the steaming bag of popcorn. With finesse she ripped it open and dumped it into a bowl, sprinkling it with the shaker of cheese flavouring.

“I thought you were a loyal Orville Redenbacher fan?”

“The store was out of the cheese flavoured popcorn, so I got this instead.”

“It’s not the same thing,” Howard told her.

“No, but it’s close enough. Want some?” she offered.

Howard shook his head. “No thanks.”

Jessie stuffed a handful of popcorn into her mouth and started munching happily.


Howard rescued the bowl as she put a hand to her mouth. “What happened?”

“I think I broke a tooth!”

“Ah,” Howard said wisely. “The price you pay for your infidelity.”

Jessie threw a handful of popcorn at him.


graceunderpressure said...

Great stuff, and a great take on infidelity. :D

C R Ward said...

Thank you! I'm sure it will come as no surprise when I tell you I was eating a big bowl of popcorn when I came up with the idea. :-)

Tara McClendon said...

I love the unique angle on this!