Goals For 2011

1. Do better on my goals than last year.

Seriously! Did you see yesterday’s post? This year I’m going to print out the list and stick it up in my office or use it as wall paper on my lap top or something so I don’t forget about it.

2. Use the database I created.

There are a couple of reasons I need to have an up-to-date book list. One, so I know what books I already have so I don’t buy duplicates, and two, if there’s ever a fire and my books go up in smoke, I’ll want to know what needs to be replaced. Also, I’m kinda curious as to just how many books I have, and what the proportions of fiction to non-fiction and the categories within my fiction reading.

3. Stay on top of my poetry.

The problem with getting organized is that you have to keep it up. As some of you may know, I started a new blog for just my poetry, but so far all it’s getting is duplicate posts from my Thursday Passion for Poetry. It would be nice to do a little more with it. I’d also like submitting some poetry this year - I don’t know why I keep putting it off. I have started a poetry chap book and this should be finished soon. I also plans for two more and it would be nice to get them done in time for my reading in September, but I’m not counting on it.

4. Be a more productive writer.

Four full drafts are too many to have just sitting around. I will finish these books – one at a time. Then I will either start subbing these books or self-publish these books. It will depend on the book.

5. Lose weight.

Okay, no more farting around with this. Watching what I eat is not the problem here, lack of exercise is. I am setting up the rowing machine in the rec room and I will start using it.

6. I will make good use of the social networks.

There are two reasons for this. One, it will help me as a writer to put myself out there. Two, it will help my business.

7. Read judiciously.

Part of me thinks I should set my reading goal at 100 books this year. You should always set a higher goal than the previous year, right? But the other part of me thinks I’ll set my reading goal at a more reasonable 80 books, but perhaps read a wider variety. Last year’s list was probably 80% romance or romance related. Let’s see if I can sneak in some more non-fiction this year.

Happy 2011 everyone! May we all meet our goals and then some!


Dolly said...

Best of luck with 2011 goals. I also want to be more productive this year, than I was in 2010. It is ridiculous how much below my goals I was - though partly, I also need to set bit more realistic goals :P

As for reading - just posted 2011 challenge on my blog, so come and join me :-) I am going for 80 books this year too. I always read in a variety of genres, and also trying to increase reading non-fiction, which takes longer as do some literary.

Looking forward to watching your progress throughout the year!

C R Ward said...

I've committed myself to my 80 books for the year on your blog, so there's no turning back!

Jamie D. said...

Great list, Carol...and all very doable, I'm sure. I keep my goals/resolutions file right on my computer desktop (I don't keep much else there), just as a reminder throughout the year. Maybe that would help?

I'm lowering my reading goal this year...will have to visit Dolly's site and join up again. :-)

Good luck this year - may we all be more productive in 2011!

Anonymous said...

All good goals. Hope you accomplish them and much more on this your year, 2011.

Happy New Year.

graceunderpressure said...

Want me to sit on the end of your 'rowboat' and sing while you row? Here we go now, "I'se a bye that builds the boat, and I'se the bye that sails 'er!"

"Jaaaaaack was every inch a saaaaailor! Five and twenty years a whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaler!"

Let me know, I'm available. :D

Great goals, Chick, I'm still waiting to read the finished product.

Nofretiri said...

To point 2: What kind of database is it? What program do you use for it? Have you made it yourself?

C R Ward said...

Jamie: Amen to the productivity this year!

Ralfast: Here's wishing you a great year as well.

Grace: I propose we meet in a dark alley and exchange unedited NaNo novels. :-D

Nofretiri: I designed my database using Microsoft Access. It's actually pretty easy to use, I just plug the information into the form I created.