Time For a Post

I want you to know that just because I haven’t updated this blog in 12 days I haven’t been a total slacker. Honest! :-)

If you check the gadgets on the left, you’ll see that I’ve finally updated my What I’m Doing. Please note the bar has finally moved on Forever and For Always. I don’t think it’s going to make 80,000 words, probably more like 70, but I’m okay with that. It is what it is. I know someone who decides how many words her story is going to be before she even starts and keeps within that limit. Of course she’s a plotter while I’m a pantser. I have two more plot holes to fill in F & FA and then I can print it out for line edits. Hooray!

I’ve also removed the 2010 Reading Challenge, replacing it with a Goodreads widget. I just signed up with Goodreads yesterday, so I’m still feeling my way around it. I’ve got the widget for the books I’m currently reading here, and the widget for the books I’ve read on my other blog.

I also joined Wrymo yesterday. This is the brainchild of the awesome Heidi Sutherland. It’s a community created for writers by writers. There’s forums, chats, all kinds of cool stuff and it’s free to join. If you’d like to check it out, go HERE. And when you sign up, don’t forget to add me as a friend!

Some people have asked me why I have three blogs. Well, it used to be four, but Goodreads is replacing the need for the book blog. Anyway, each blog has its purpose.

The links for my poetry forms were getting too large to keep on my main writing blog, so I started Passion For Poetry. So far the posts are pretty much duplicates of my Thursday posts on Random Thoughts, but it also has back links to my poetry forms and links to poetical websites. Some day I hope to do more with this site, but don’t hold your breath waiting.

If you want structure, check out Random Thoughts. Monday is goals and updates, Tuesday is usually non-fiction (currently I’m exploring home remedies), Wednesday is, uh, um, an inspirational picture, Thursday is poetry (I did a ten part series on Famous Poets, but I’m back to exploring different poetry forms now), and Friday is a new installment of my on-line serial, Fire.

However, if you like surprises, this is the right blog for you. I’ve tried to keep this blog more informal, which is why the updates here are rather sporadic. This is the place of blogfests and blogchains, rants and random posts, and announcements that don’t fit in elsewhere. Sometimes even I don’t know what’s going to show up here. :-)


Dolly said...

Congratulations on having a nearly finished book :-) I am sure soon you will get to that "The End"

Not sure if you are talking about me or Jamie or someone entirely different, but I do usually know the word count for the story overall. It's weird because I don't plan how long my scenes are going to be, but I just have a feel for the story and that tells me what the final word-count should be like. Of course first draft doesn't work out like that - but I know between cutting lots of stuff and then adding lots of stuff that I missed before, it will balance out.

I found the Goodreads challenge through your profile. It's cool to keep track of the books there too. Though for me, it's a secondary thing, as my spreadsheet remains my main record, because not all the books I read would be on goodreads.

Wednesday...inspirational :P Yes, I supposed we could call it that ;)There are all kinds of inspirations after all

C R Ward said...

LOL Actually, I was talking about a friend who lives in my town. She's written and self-published 13 novellas and it boggles my mind the way she decides how long the story's going to be before she starts it. When she gets to her self-imposed word limit she stops and if the story isn't finished goes back to adjust the words to fit. I don't know how she can work like that!