Finished . . . Maybe

So. After downloading, unzipping, and trying out about 50 billion different templates, I decided on basic black with my own header and font colours. Only I wanted three columns. Trouble was, the downloadable ones wouldn't let me change fonts or colours or use my own header. So I found instructions to do it myself. Yes, that's right. I went into the HTML code and fiddled around with it until it did what I wanted it to. I made that code my bitch!

The funny part is, I used to be a wiz at HTML coding. I did a multi-page website (about ten years ago) writing the HTML all by hand. None of those wussy web-building programs for me. I had my own backgrounds, graphics, frames, links, the whole shebang. Unfortunately, like most things to do with the computer, you don't use it, you lose it. I think I've even lost the little note book I used to write all that stuff down in.

I'll still probably add the odd link or gadget, but what you see right now is more or less the finished product.

Now that I'm finished playing around with the look, it's time to start adding content. Starting tomorrow, I'll be back to doing my daily prompts - and I invite anyone who wants to to join in. The prompts are listed undert the Getting Started section on the right.

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