One of Those Days

I haven't forgotten about this blog, honest! In fact, I've been working on a post about Editing Hell, which a fair number of us seem to be visiting, only it's on my lap top. My virus infected lap top which will not even let me open a file to save it.

I'm thinking part of it is my own fault. My lap top had a virus before Christmas and I took it in to the IT guy at school. He fixed it in a couple of days but I'm thinking he might have missed something. Maybe even a lot of somethings.

While part of me says "You paid him good money, take it back to him and get him to do it right" another part of me says "Take it to someone who's going to fix it properly."

So, while I figure out what I'm going to do, I'm stuck using the crap top desk top computer, which, I might add, has never had a virus. It also doesn't have any of the Microsoft progams I've been using, nor does it have my book marks or files. I did learn my lesson last time and my files were backed up, but not the new documents I was working on, 'cause I was busy working on them.

Am I irritated? Hell, yeah!

Am I going to let this get me down? Not a chance!

I will return!

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