It's Coming!

The Official Fight Scene Blogfest

You’ve seen the Kissing Blogfest; you seen the No-Kissing Blogfest; now get ready, on February 1 Mireyah Wolfe is sponsoring the Fight Scene Blogfest.

Here’s what to do to join in the fun:

In the next 1 week, write a blog post about the Fight Scene Blogfest to spread the word.

Post a link to your blog in the McLinky at the bottom of the post HERE so we can all jump to your blog and devour your Fight Scene!

Tweet about it if you have a twitter. The hashtag should be #FSBlogfest

Not a story writer? Find your favorite movie/tv/book fight scene. The one that had you on the edge of your seat and wincing when a blow landed.

Now, to inspire you, here’s the best sword fight EVER!


Dolly said...

I love that sword fight, and the movie too, and Cary Elwes (don't know if spelled it right) looks so cute with his mask.

C R Ward said...

This is probably my favorite sword fight of all time - Errol Flynn couldn't have done better!

Jamie D. said...

Ah...one of my favorite movies. I think I might need to watch it again soon. That really is a great sword fight!

C R Ward said...

I just love "the man in black"!

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, cool! And Karen has one on breaking up! I love these writing blogfests. They're so much fun to read!

Anonymous said...

Gearing up for this one. Gladiator stylez!


Vicky B said...

Yay! How in the world did I not think about the best duel in history?

Michelle Gregory said...

that's one of my favorites, too. love that they analyze each other's moves. thanks for the comments on my fight scene.