Progress Report

Where did February go? Not that I’m sorry to see it go, the shortest month of the year also seems to be the most depressing. It’s just that it started out so slowly, and then suddenly it’s March. And being March, it’s time for an update on my Long Term Goals.

Big Goals
Design a book database
Organize my poetry ~ done 01/2010
Lose 30 pounds by August
Read 52 books ~ ongoing
Find a job ~ done 22/02/2010
Finish a draft of one of my WIPs
Finish edits on DIF

Little Goals
Figure out Twitter
Figure out my iPod

Hmm. It appears I’m doing much better on my big goals than my little goals. Still haven’t got my book database designed, but I have started working on it. No progress on the losing weight – I think I’m going to join Curves (it’s a woman’s gym). I’m almost halfway to my book reading goal so I should complete that one by summer. :-) I guess the biggest one was finding a job. It was surprisingly easy, thanks mainly to being in the right place at the right time, and it is a dream of a job.

I’ve added two more big goals to the list. First, I have two WIPs (and I even remembered to put up the progress bars for them) and I don’t think it’s unreasonable to want to finish one of the two over the course of the year. Preferably before November. Although I have three novels waiting to be edited right now, I’m only going to concentrate on one at a time. I chose DIF because it’s been waiting the longest. This was my very first NaNo novel and came up about 20,000 words short. I’m a little more focused on it now than I was when I was drafting it, but there’s still some large plot holes that need to either be filled or bridges built over them.

The little goals? *sigh* It might help if I actually went on Twitter more than once or twice a month. I need to learn by using. Have patience with me, fellow Twits!
My iPod’s battery ran down again, waiting for me to use it. Oops!
I still haven’t given up on my journal, but it’s been pretty sad and neglected so far this year.

So how’s your year so far? Is it dragging or fleeting? Surprising or ‘same old same old’? Don’t be shy, I really want to know!


Tom Stephenson said...

I've lost about 15,000 pounds since August - you're not alone!

graceunderpressure said...

so have I, but I keep finding them again!
Apparently the key is to make one permanent change in your eating/exercise habits per week.

GRATZ on the J.O.B.! Must have more details!

Jamie D. said...

Sounds like you're making good progress, slow though it may seem. Keep plugging along...your determination is infectious. :-)

I think my year is going pretty well, really - I'm impatient with my goals, but it's mainly because I'm afraid of not reaching them. I need to go back and look at my resolutions again, maybe regroup a little, since I know I've changed some time lines...

Unknown said...

Keep on Trucking.....you are getting more done then I am....