A Funny Thing Happened . . .

A funny thing happened on the way to being more productive last week. I . . . uh . . . wasn't. Productive that is. Yeah, well there were a lot of people in the blogoverse that weren't either, so I was in good company. I can't decided whether it's a change in the seasons or it's just that misery loves company. My ambition picked up slightly today, so here's hoping!

Now, for an IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!! The amazing Ralfast, who's Neither Here Nor There, is having another BLOGFEST. This one is really cool and I want to see everyone participating.

This time, we have The “Behind the Headlines” BlogFest.

Just like the last blogfest, the idea is to write a short story (no limit this time, but consider the limitations of blogs). The idea is simple, take a news story, any story (tabloid, blogs, twitter, mainstream media) and write a short revealing the “real” story behind the headlines.

For all the details, check it out HERE.


I went to my Scribe's meeting tonight, always a good time. We discussed the possibility of doing a quarterly, on-line magazine. It's still in the talking stages, with the first issue targeted for late summer, early fall. Don't worry, I'll provide a link when the time comes. :-)

We also had a discussion of point of view, trying to figure out why one POV sometimes works better than another. The debate was so much fun that we decided to use it for our next writing prompt. Write 150 words using one point of view, then write it again using a different point of view.

The prompt from the last meeting was: The boat’s going down, take to the rafts!

Below is what I came up with for the prompt and I challenge anyone who cares to participate to write their own 150 words and post the results in the comments.


At first glance, one might think that Charles had booked us on the cruise as a form of reconciliation. We had grown estranged over the last several years and I strongly suspected him of having a series of affairs. But, as you know, Charles is a Wentworth, of the Hampton Hills Wentworths, and divorce just isn’t done in their circle. Trust me when I say I investigated the possibility thoroughly. I was told that without proof of wrong doing on Charles’ part I would be thoroughly ruined. Once on the cruise it didn’t take long to notice the curvy red head whose absences seemed to coincide with Charles’. It was a simple matter to bribe the purser into knocking on her door and yelling, “The boat’s going down, take to the rafts!” Honestly, your honour, I only wanted proof of his infidelity. I never meant for him to have a heart attack.


Anonymous said...

Seems like the beginning of a good chick-lit (is it still PC to use the term) book.

Roland D. Yeomans said...

There is a murder scene blogfest going on now? http://annerileybooks.com/2010/03/its-gonna-be-a-bloody-one-folks-murder-scene-blogfest-is-here/.

Come check out my entry. It is from my historical fantasy, RITES OF PASSAGE, set in 1853.

Thanks, Roland