One Word

Today’s word was: Optional

Black tie optional. I wonder what that really means? Does that mean the tie's optional or that the tie being black is optional? Not that it really matters because I've never been invited to a function where the tie was ever in question

Write Every Day

Topic: Your roommate just came to you with a brilliant idea: Road trip. Where are you going and why?

I think we should drive up to Sudbury. I've always wanted to see Science North, and isn't there amethyst mines around there somewhere? Of course we'd want to go by way of Manatoulin Island. I used to have relatives there, I might even still have some in Gore Bay. I've never been to the Island, even though we made a couple of attempts. The ferry was always too full up by the time we got there.

I've always wanted to travel up north - Sudbury and Sioux Saint Marie - maybe take a train ride through the Agawa Canyon. I actually like the train, depending on where I'm going. The train ride to New Brunswick when I was a kid was really, really boring.

But i

Okay, this wasn’t really fair because my car alarm went off right in the middle and there’s no way to pause the timer!


Anonymous said...

Traveling can be a lot of fun. LOL, love your ending!

C R Ward said...

Talk about a cliff hanger, eh?