Today's word was: distract

I get distracted very easily. In fact, the little green bar the moves along the top of the composition window for this prompt is distracting me right now. And when it starts changing colour as my time gets closer to being up

Write Every Day

Today's topic was: James was tired. He...

had been up since 5 a.m. after a fitful three hours sleep. Insomnia was no stranger to him, but this felt like something different. It was almost like he was afraid to sleep. Afraid of what might happen while he was asleep.

Ever since he'd bought this cabin in the words he'd had a feeling of impending doom. It didn't help that the real estate guy had disappeared right after closing the sale. And the nearest neighbor - well, there weren't really any neighbors nearby.

The closest town was a good half hour's drive away. God knew how long it would take him to walk that far if anything happened to his car, which was a distinct possibility because the bucket of bolts was held together with chewing gum and a prayer.

Now he was awake, with no hope of getting back to sleep, and tired as hell. And a cloud of doom was building on the horizon.

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