Today's word was: penny

Find a penny pick it up, all the day you'll have good luck. See a penny let it lay, bad luck will follow you all day. Did you know that the copper in a penny is worth more than the penny itself?

Write Every Day

Today's topic: “It’s a contest, Sarah,” Allen said. “A competition. That means you’re supposed to be trying to win. Otherwise why else are you here?”

What's wrong with competing just for the fun of it, because you want to pit yourself against others just to see how you compare? If I complete the marathon, isn't that an accomplishment in itself?

Allen could never understand that of course. To him it didn't matter what the marathon was in support of, all he could see was the competition.

For me, it was all about raising money for the Cancer Society. I'd rather see 200 people walking the course and raising a pile of money, than 20 people running the course just to see who's fastest.

I mean, really. Who care's who wins? The real winners will be the Cancer patients who are helped by the extra funding towards research. Isn't that what really matters the most?

I wish I could make Allen understand. Maybe it's time I shared my secret with him. This year I have a personal stake in the marathon.

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