For those who don't read Frankie Mallis's blog, SNIS stands for Sexy New Idea Syndrome. Please take the time to read her post about it HERE .

Frankie not only identifies the symptoms, she has a cure for it. But the one thing she doesn't include is the warning. If you do not cure yourself of SNIS in a timely fashion, you run the danger of it turning into SNSI - Sexy New Series Idea.

This is what happened to me. I could have been editing Driving Into Forever, I could have been adding fresh words to The Perfect Man I could even be working on the business plan I have to present next Thursday morning before I go to work so I can get my diploma. But I started thinking about this being the Year of the Tiger. And then this tiger took up residence in my mind. And then I started what iffing and before I knew it I had a full fledged story idea.

I tried to resist, really I did. But the more I resisted, the stronger the idea got, like it was feeding on my resistance. And then I started thinking about my MMC and thought, "what if he had brothers?" Next thing I know I've got his six brothers in my head, clamouring for attention.


So, I'm going to take Frankie's advice and jot these ideas down and hope that will satisfy them until I have the time to work on them properly.

I just hope it works!


Kelly Lyman said...

I was suffering from this (which is what inspired her blog post) and I did what she suggested. It worked. Mostly. Good luck!

Dolly said...

Thanks for the link Carol. Loved the post. I am following that blog now as well.

Aubrie said...

I have two new ideas rattling around in my head....but their not sexy, their fantasy ones. What would you call that? NFI New fantasy idea?

Aubrie said...

oops spelled their when I meant they're.

Jamie D. said...

The "sexy" doesn't refer to genre...it means "incredibly attractive", or something that really grabs your attention. If you don't like "Sexy", you could always go with "Shiny New Idea Syndrome"... :-)

I read that post too - and I do that a lot. A couple weeks ago at the bar I got this whole big involved plot in my head with two main characters who were inspired by a couple of people I saw there. Came home and immediately wrote down *everything* I could think of or imagine that involved the new plot, even questions. That sufficiently got it out of my head so I could go back to my WIP's.

It generally works for me - and then when you get around to it, you have half the plot worked out before even starting. Win-win!

Hope it works for you, Carol...no getting sidetracked with bright shiny new things... ;-)