30 Days of Writing Questions – Day 20

20. What are your favorite character interactions to write?

I think by now you can probably guess that my favourite character interactions to write are romantic ones. And no, I’m not just talking about sex! I love the whole push/pull of a couple who are attracted to each other but aren’t ready to admit it yet. They’re unsure of their feelings towards each other, haven’t a clue if the attraction is mutual, it’s great stuff.

Right now I’m having a lot of fun with the characters of Trez and Ape. She’s really attracted to him but he’s got a few mental problems so she tries to make sure she’s not taking advantage of him – I say try, because sometimes she forgets. Ape isn’t really as innocent as he seems and he definitely knows what he wants – and what he wants is Trez.

In the first Myste book, we have almost the opposite problem. Hannah and Kelvin are very attracted to each other, but he’s the one’s trying to be careful not to take advantage of her. Every time they start getting close he suddenly realizes what he’s doing and pulls back. This makes Hannah very confused – and angry, and frustrated.

Confusion and misunderstanding, pushing away and coming together. Will they, won't they? Isn't that what romance is all about?

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