It's Getting Close!

I have run out of gummi worms. I need my gummi worms in order to write. The rest of the story is there, lurking in my head. But it refuses to come out until I feed it gummi worms.

I'm sitting here in my official NaNo t-shirt,

with my official NaNo hoodie (that I just got in the mail yesterday)
beside me in case it gets cold, just staring out the window, mindless from lack of gummi worms. Maybe I should go make myself a cup of tea in my official NaNo travel mug. (sorry, I looked but I couldn't find a pic - the travel mug is from last year). :-)


Summer Frey said...

Aww, me too. I've got a little over 9k left and feeling completely burnt out.

Love the clothes! I'd like to get a hoodie one of these days. I just wish they had the non-zipping kind. Or do they? I'm going to go check.

Good luck!

C R Ward said...

The NaNo clothes are really good quality - I can't believe how comfortable the hoodie is. :-)

graceunderpressure said...

shut-UP! Do you know how hard I was coveting that hoodie???? ARGH!
I'm sure it looks lovely on you. *sigh* maybe next year I'll have a hoodie (I was even considering buying a mis-stitched one.)
Just over 10K to go... We just had a 'non-sex' sex scene. That's where he did something innocent and it burned out her fuses so she freaked out. :D