NaNo Insanity

Yes, that's right. This year's NaNo has made me totally insane.

Why? (you ask)

Remember that SNI (shiney new idea) that bullied it's way into my NaNo? Well, it's taken rather a dark turn and a couple of days ago I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with it. At least not for NaNo. It's not a story that can be rushed, and rushing is what NaNo's all about.

So, I took the night off to think about it and decided that I'd be doing the story a disservice if I rushed it. It's not a tale that can be written quickly, there's a lot of serious stuff going on there.

And where does this leave me? Well that's a good question. I managed to get over 3600 words on my OI (original idea) written tonight, which, when added to the words I had on the SNI puts me on target word-wise.

But is this cheating? (Rhetorical question people). On the one hand, we have the continuity of the story. It's kind of missing the point if you win NaNo with half a dozen story beginnings. On the other hand, just because the words aren't in the same story doesn't invalidate their qualification as NaNo words. They were written in the spirit of NaNo, and that's what really matters, right?

For now, I'll be keeping the words from the SNI in my word count, but I hope to have enough words on my OI by the end of the month that this won't be necessary.

So, how's your NaNo going? :-)

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Meredith said...

I think it's all about what works for you. And it sounds like you're getting a lot of important work done, so congrats!