Definition of NaNo

Last night my husband and I had the following conversation:

Me: (while typing away on my laptop) What did we decide to do about the car tomorrow?

Him: Didn’t we just have this discussion?

Me: I could always have it for the morning, then pick you up after my workshop so you could have it for the afternoon.

Him: I just suggested that.

Me: Oh, sorry, I wasn’t listening.

Him: *big sigh* That’s right, you were NaNo-ing. I should know better than try and talk to you during November.

Me: What?

Him: Never mind.

And that’s NaNo in a nutshell. :-)


Jenni James said...


So true! this cracked me up! Really, it's the only time we get the back for the other 11 months. lol


graceunderpressure said...

ROFLMAO! *slaps floor and wipes away tears* HI-LAR-ious! Poor Hubby..